This is what you will learn...

  • You will learn from scratch to make beautiful floral art pieces and sculptures:

    Including two of Alex Sanchez Desginer's best-selling floral pieces; with half the value of one of them you will recover your full investment!

  • You will have personalized assistance from our team:

    We will provide you with support and advice during your process. We will answer all your questions through our Whatsapp Business. We will not leave you alone.

  • Access to the magical community of Alex Sanchez Designer:

    We will share valuable information about suppliers, how to connect with your customers, special decorating capsules, and much more.

  • International Certification:

    You will obtain a certification endorsed by the Centro de Extensión de la Universidad José Antonio Páez (CEUJAP) with international endorsement.

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Course stages

Learn from Zero

In this first workshop you will learn the principles and elements of floral design.

We will see a demonstration of floral art and awaken creativity with our 1st Practical Project.

We will talk about entrepreneurship from the inside out "The garden begins inside you",

We will walk you through the mistakes you should not make when starting a business and what you should know about the flower industry.

Duration: 5 hours

Find your own style

In this 2nd Workshop of the Program we will learn about the attributes that will define you in the floral market.

We will reveal the most inspiring florists and why they stand out.

Learn about the different types of arrangements that can be made and about the harmony of colors and their combinations.

We will have a practical demonstration of the types of floral arrangements: Line, Mass and Line-Mass.

In this practical class you will learn how to get inspired to define your own style.

Duration: 4hrs

Learn how to make and combine geometric figures

We will practice with creations of geometric figures by creating 2 spectacular projects:

* We will elaborate one of my most popular and valuable floral pieces from my floral collection.

* We will design a spectacular mobile of geometric figures with an artistic conception.

The techniques you will learn will make you a specialist in the creation of floral pieces with remarkable designs.

Duration: 7 hrs

Developing impressive floral sculptures.

In this 4th workshop you will learn how to make a large floral sculpture that is ideal for themed events as a differentiating and wonderful element to make you stand out.

I will share tools and secrets to make you an expert in floral design.

Duration: 8 hrs

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The Floral Path

The Floral Path

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    This course is taught in Spanish only.

    Cash, 2 installments (199.5 each), 4 installments (99.75 each).

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    There is no refund once the registration for the Masterclass is finalized.

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