Artistic Description: This time, Alexander was inspired by the vibrational source of his emotions to express harmony and love.

This piece combines flowers that, with their colors, show the beauty and breadth of the vibrational light spectrum. Violet reappears in this piece as a symbol of wholeness. The red color as a symbol of love. The pink color, as innocence and sweetness. And finally, the white color, which has also been the protagonist and faithful representative of the pure and the reborn.

This was the last piece Alexander created for the REBORN collection. In it, the artist recreates a staircase through which he will continue his path to the eternal present and opens the sets for a second collection.

Estimated measurements:  Height: 37″ / Width: 18″

Note: The bases and some flowers can be replaced according to existence.

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Everything has a vibrational source. That vibration is a cause, a frequency ratio through which our existence manifests. It is through this vibration that we attract the people we love and who resonate with us into our lives.

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