Artistic Description: Alexander decided to create this piece in front of his audience on social media when unexpectedly his mother, who at first observed him in silence, wrote to him “Son, I love you, I have not seen you for a year and there is not a day that goes by that I do not miss your hugs and kisses”. A year away from the last time they saw each other, Alexander thanked her love by dedicating this floral piece that bears her name, Jasmine.

The renowned artist said with tears in his eyes that every mother deserved to have a piece from his collection, and decided in front of his followers to incorporate this work of art in his recently released REBORN collection as a special edition.

Estimated measurements: Height: 26 ” / Width: 10″

Note: The bases and some flowers can be replaced according to existence.

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Only the inspiration of love from a mother and a child were the protagonists.

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