Artistic Description: On this opportunity Alexander, in deep gratitude, decided to captivate us with this creation that integrates a small representation of all the colors used in the REBORN collection.

This beautiful creation rests on a white base that symbolizes the pureness of the new and the rebirth, which stands out with lilac and magenta orchids from the bottom to the upper structure made of wood ribbons, and that resemble a window through which the artist extends in gratitude.

This floral artwork was first performed live in front of its social media audience, and it represents a gift Alexander gives himself, inspiring his admirers to thank themselves for who they are, LOVE.

Estimated measurements:  Height: 32 ” / Width: 18″

Note: The bases and some flowers can be replaced according to existence.

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To be grateful is to accept the present as it is. Gratitude is a state of consciousness where we perceive what is presented to us with the conviction that it represents the highest for our BEING. I appreciate everything that is.

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