Artistic Description: Alexander Sánchez wanted to show off this floral work of art with a remarkable representation of a scale in which there are two extremes. These extremes are opposite to each other, and although both are not exactly the same, in both the beauty of love can be perceived.

On a white base, which throughout the entire collection represents purity and rebirth, pink, fuchsia, magenta and lilac flowers cluster in ascending order, accompanied by three long-stemmed roses that protrude from the base. In contrast to the ascending flowers, and using his ingenuity, the artist decides to recreate the balance again by arranging descending pink roses.

Estimated measurements:  Height: 35″ / Width: 25″

Note: The bases and some flowers can be replaced according to existence.

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Equilibrium, like wholeness, is experiencing between polarities without positioning ourselves in any of them. It is understanding that every extreme exists, thanks to its opposite. We come into balance when we collapse time and transform LOVE into UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. When you find equilibrium, you find yourself at PEACE.

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