Artistic Description: Inspired by the journey that led him to rediscover his BEING, Alexander Sánchez arranged on a white base that represents the new, the reborn, a compilation of orchids and roses in different sizes with shades of pink and violet, which, located at the base of this piece, symbolize what was born from the earth, our body.

In the structure of this work and in an ascending way, pink roses are arranged with increasingly longer stems that represent the internal search for the highest of ourselves. At the top, there is a purer projection of our BEING. With flowers similar to the representation of our body, but this time representing our soul. Finally, Alexander returns to use white tulips on top of his work symbolizing the eternity of life.

Estimated measurements: Height: 32″ / Width: 14″

Note: The bases and some flowers can be replaced according to existence.

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To recognize ourselves is to return to us. Is to turn our gaze inward. Is to venture towards our BEING. He who looks out dreams, but he who looks in awakens.

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